June 26, 2006


A few people have mentioned in passing reading what I put here, which is a little embarrassing just now because I haven’t put anything here for a while. So a quick update is in order to show it is still live – I promise something more theoretically interesting soon.

I’m just back from Amsterdam/Delft where I had a pleasant meeting with Martita Slewe of the Slewe Gallery (www.slewe.nl ) and saw Alan Johnston’s installation – sorry I didn’t take any photos but it was really too subtle for do justice photographically and I expect some will appear on the website if they are not there already. I also did a load of research on the follow-up to Vertigo, which before I went had the working title ‘amsterdam’ but has a different name now. In the meantime, I have finished another of the “50 Heads”, so here it is:


0. Iff means testing is a system of inertia by proxy of that

excluded middle. Iff they would sell the people’s park,

pulling the ladder up to test behind us. (Obsequious

masses arose) iff law asserts an equivalent negation,

aspiring to dutchness, (practical and living) one should

never cross an e-picket. Iff it is false, then that thing is

surely true. (No more deluded by reaction, able to deny,

subtracting a firming aspect from the law, demanding that

a definite construct “Icouldhaveenjoyedmy50years",

retrodicted darkness generated inexorable artificial active

authors find their way in hope of a framework of grace and means,
aspiring to an overview of all the texts submitted and even

authority to help run it and its Inquisition. (To sacrifice us

to their pride) iff dreams be responsible, external drivers

affect workforce planning, (they'll break ranks and fight no

more), its segmentation into minutes, morning product of

industrial discipline; where each tyranny fixes his sign. Iff a

passage leading to the author where he began: (the

People’s Flag) alone with his own text, ignorant of the

requirements the text must meet. (selflessly immemorial

after us, stand within Her sweeping redness) Iff: 1

As usual here, the layout is not quite right, but the line endings are. As the mathematicians amongst you will know, iff is a mathematical/logical term meaning "if and only if".