May 06, 2014

Text Festival 2014 - opening weekend (part 2)

Sarah Sanders great "I used to" on the gallery stairs

 Liz Collini work in progress
 Steve Giasson

Ron Silliman, Rachel Defay-Liautard and Marton Koppany 

Text Festival 2014 - opening weekend (Part 1)

I think this may have been one of the strongest Festivals so far and a successful opening weekend - great people, great installations and performances. 
 Jayne Dyer's 'Blood Sport' with Carolyn Thompson's 'The Beast in Me' in the distance.
 Derek Beaulieu's Dante window
 Me chatting with Ron Silliman and Derek Beaulieu (Peter Jaeger and Eran Hadas in the background)
 Ron Sillliman participating in the drawing shed installation
 Some of the staff team - everyone has worked very hard.
 Works by Simon Patterson, Riiko Sakkinen and Rachel Smith

 View into the Dark Would installation
The night Barney met Sarah Walters' Tommy

 Penny Anderson's Travel Bag in the foreground

Polari Mission exhibition in Bury Museum

May 04, 2014

Bury Sculpture Centre Opens

Opening speeches from me, Cllr Sharon Briggs (Mayor of Bury) and Ian Tabbron (Arts Council of England) - and Greville Worthingon [out of shot](Yorkshire Sculpture Park).