September 11, 2013

Bury Sculpture Centre

News of developments will be thick and fast over the next few weeks; lots of things are coming to fruition – finally. 

The first is the announcement that Bury’s exhibition spaces are being expanded, with the creation of the Bury Sculpture Centre. Following the Borough Library Review, large new spaces have become available and given our long term leadership of the Irwell Sculpture Trail project, the logical or maybe visionary conclusion is to create an international focus for sculpture in Bury. We've got some Arts Council funding and the first year’s programme well developed. Barring accidents we should open the new venue with the Text Festival – and who better to inaugurate in the context of Sculpture and Language than Lawrence Weiner. (How many more reasons do you need to be at the festival opening weekend?) 

After Lawrence's show there'll be an exhibition investigating the artistic dialogue between East and West (building on our experience and networks in China/Japan and Europe.) And big moment in this will be the venue’s first international conference: the  European Sculpture International Forum. I’ll be heading off to this year’s event in the Hague to start preparing for that. Along with an exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Art in the Bury Art Museum, the two shows will be part of the Manchester Asia Triennial.

So there’s my excuse for not blogging recently: I’ve been busy.