May 31, 2005


how the ultimate in contemporary style and warmth = located at the heart of the hip city (meticulously designed = the hotel offers a small unique blend of style and luxury) enjoy the ultimate dining experience of our two star michelin restaurant (a a mediterranean style café = promises freshness = quality and variety in a cool and calming environment) combining the latest in beauty cosmetics from all over the world with a unique personalized thought service material action inserted into material practices (enjoy silky smooth skin from soothing facials or sharpen up at the nail bar) (relax into a massage or go for that all-over tan) this super-stylish hotel = it has real presence (great shopping and homo sacer inside a cool totalisation every day of the week and all) an oasis of calm amid the bustle (each room is unique and dramatic takes in both style and finish) vibrant raspberry and mushroom colours create immediate theatre in the rooms (the presence of an ethical symbol adds nothing to its factual content) (velvet and silk cushions and ambient lighting create that touch of luxury) to nothing in the world which is foreign to the mind (fill or) a classic suite in the original building (there are starters like ham consommé with pea pancakes or rich pigeon on a a potato cake with mustard cabbage) inventiveness might also run to a new name that will secure its place (in the gastronomic hall of fame) = signature starters (a version of the small day) really quite a substantial dish (one contests the meaning of the project at the very moment that one defines it) gently whisk together in a whole circular motion with your fingers = nihilation and the buttery flavor and texture of the mesclun duck balanced with the slight sweet
yet tart acidity of the raspberry coulis (life)

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