October 27, 2007

Birgir Andresson 1955-2007

Sad news today that Birgir Andresson died yesterday. Each time I have visited Reykjavik arrangements have been made for us to meet but each time for one reason or another we missed each other. After my installation at Safn, his collaboration with Ragna Róbertsdóttir was the next show. He has a couple of works in the ICELAND show at Bury Art Gallery at the moment and we hoped to show him more fully in future years. It feels like a destiny unfulfilled.



Debbie Sedelmeier said...

He was a brilliant artist. His work was beyond the ordinary - he forced you to use your minds eye to see and understand his art. He inspired others creativity in art and life. He will be missed more than written words can say.

Debbie Sedelmeier, USA

Schratboy said...

RIP, brother.

Nuala said...

In Iceland in June I met Birgir by accident. We spent a day in Reykavik drinking coffee and beer. He was an extraordinary artist and he was fun! I just found out tonight about his death. I thought there'd be more. I thought I'd see him again. It's very sad.