January 03, 2009


Anaesthetised: tmesis null waits. Wellsaid waiting most
unsatisfactory distant unsatisfactory. retelling and partook
looked – through me my eyes only vertigo between a city here,
a city sequestering there. any bleaker focuses vicariance.
random cities decant. isolated irregular spaces. intermission
from noble visions, lusting, and scripted continuance. Opera
progressively silence in viscosity, Dementia without fear factor
overrides the greed, we stop going out, more dying to a fade: 6
lines –
ignoring the risks of extreme events, mountains in winter and

connections, this jaw practice for death and lassitude, a totally
unknown image to demonstrate the importance laid
the foundation of expecting this behaviour of attachment bond
inference. the boredom of a border not crossed our role is
honorary our happiness gives way to the next.

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