May 01, 2009

Irony of Flatness

The Standardised Moment

How to spell it antiquarian divestitures of fact and faction
the bubble that pops as it expands realization like the intake
of breath on a cold day the truth of neither ether Nora
what falls as rain arrives as water we see within the chalice
the frequency of a complex system repetition inspires preservation
instinct toward flight away from return the right of the left of
the rest arabesques of colour and the chairs in rows and tiers
the physiognomy of a clown at birth humour without teeth
teeth with teats their judgement and the interference haunted
by morning what goest away returneth again take a message
to Garcia y Vega notes written on palms text degenerated
by fronds Kafka knew the way to beetlehood though being
a cockroach seeing faster as ink blots seeing slower as it,
just interminable specific it each pencil of coincident
value a marker of meaning a maker of meant “Just one
thin meant?” a diminution of obsequies to an increase of word
a tendency to overestimate the importance of our own experience
on the hither side of any on the thither side of zither How long
does a moment require? flattened-out epiphanous justifications
decoherence, dreams and decay lotions and potions but
I gave Geof Huth a copy of "Irony of Flatness" (published last year) yesterday and within an hour I had back his response in his poem-a-day exercise. About the same time, Marianne Eigenheer confirmed the forthcoming arrival of a sequence of her drawings which we are acquiring for the Bury Art collection. So here you get them together, as I did.
(again, Geof's blog of yesterday's Test events is definite).

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