October 01, 2009

The Figure of the Question is in the Room

The Figure of the Question is Death
The Figure of Interrogative Philosophy
The Figure of the Question is in the Room

The James Lee Byars at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park http://www.ysp.co.uk/view.aspx?id=688 is great show - split between the Bothy Gallery and the Chapel. The former has some truly beautiful pieces. The first room features a huge scroll partially unrolled with a single drawn line - a remarkable sweeping gesture. In an intimate space, the QD, IP, QR gold columns were powerfully affecting. The installations in the chapel are less powerful, being reconstructions - interesting configurations of Byars but strangely parenthesised by his own quotation "I cancel all my works at death!"

The context that made the show look even better was its juxtaposition with the utter banality of the endless Peter Randall Page retrospective on at the same time.


Anonymous said...

I've heard that Moyes is seen them and he's signing Interrogative Philosophy as Lescott's replacement.

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