November 15, 2009

Book launch and the publishers fair

London Small Publishers Fair

Reading from Space The Soldier Who Died For Perspective

As I said in my preamble, maybe a reading should be more about what the writer learns for the next work rather than how the audience are entertained, so it occurred to me there was something interesting to test in the rhythm of the way Space was written.

When I am writing a piece, each time I sit down with it I work from the start each time; this means when the first complete draft is done, the beginning section is much more worked. Over time, I hopefully work the whole piece to the same level of finish, but it occurred to me that in a book of 6 works written over 4 years, there may well be a relationship, a dialogue between all those beginnings. So for this reading, which had to be short, I read the beginnings of each of the sections. From Vertigo, I just read the first line:

"everything that is the case is a non-recursive set."
Which is, of course, my reworking of Wittgenstein's first line of Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus:

"The world is all that is the case"

Carol Watts reading from her new book - 'This is Red'

Will Rowe reading from his new book - The Earth Has Been Destroyed

Piers Hugill reading his new book - Il canzoniere’

Aodán McCardle reading from Shudder (Stephen Mooney in background)

Sadly I didnt get a photo of Antony John reading ‘now than it used to be, but in the past’

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