February 10, 2010

The Non-existence of the Unnamed

A solo exhibition by Brass Art
Preview: Friday 12 th February 2010 6pm -8pm
Exhibition Dates: 13th February- 20th March 2010
Exhibition opening times: Wednesday - Saturday 12pm - 5pm

The Myth of Origins, The Unnamed no.1, (2009), watercolour on paper, 50.8cmx40.6cm

Brass Art is the collective name for artists, Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz and Anneké Pettican. For their second solo show at The International 3, Brass Art continue to develop the expansive series of watercolour drawings collectively titled, The Myth of Origins, in which the shadow forms of the artists encounter the manifestation of their collective psyche.

In the new series of drawings for The Non-existence of the Unnamed, the artists unlock the Entomology collection at The Manchester Museum. The suggested encounters portrayed between the re-animated specimens and living flesh are at once terrifying and intimate. Transformed into a series of theatrical masquerades, the drawings reveal the tension between the idea of the act and the act itself.

Made as collaborative drawings, the artists are collectively engaged in their production; in process and product articulating the intimacy of Brass Art's long-standing working relationship.

Brass Art have recently exhibited in 'Not at this address' at Bury Museum and Art Gallery and at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. They are currently exhibiting newly commissioned work as part of 'Tell it to the Trees' at Croft Castle and Museum and their upcoming exhibitions include, 'The Economy of the Gift' at A Foundation, Liverpool in April 2010, 'Shadow Play' at Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester in May 2010 and the Tatton Park Biennial in 2012.

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