July 21, 2010

The Pollinators of Eden

The Pollinators of Eden (Ben Gwilliam & Matt Wand)
Rodrigo Constanzo & Richard Knight
(Clutter, Tandog & Noise Research)
Plus Tandog visuals

Free CD with £3 entry fee...

At The Briton's Protection, M1 5LE
on 23rd July at 8.30pm

Matt Wand became known to a wider public especially with Stock, Hausen & Walkman and frequent collaboration with Tony Oxley.
Wand has recently been commissioned by WDR radio Köln for sound collages extracted from WDR recordings of contemporary classical works (Schnitt-Haubenstock, composition & live performance).

Besides live performances, radio work and installations he has written film scripts for short films and animations (one winning the Goldcrest award for best short in 1988) and shown many small gauge movies in the UK and abroad. He also runs the independent artistic recording label Hot Air and designs the visuals and packaging for the many vinyl and CD items released so far.
Ben Gwilliam is a sound artist active in the fields of sound installation, curation, improvising new music and performance. He describes his practice as drawing attention to those sounds between things, be it objects, spaces or recordings. It is these sounds and their contexts that reveal visual and musical processes of listening and looking. It is from this curiosity about sound-making/recording/finding and how abstract/descriptive that sounds can be, that he makes parallels and similarities unpicking the relationship between those uncovered sounds and moments of primary experience. In 2004 he was awarded an AHRB Postgraduate Award. In 2007 he was nominated for the Jerwood Artist platform Prize. He has worked and shown internationally in Exhibitions, Residencies and Festivals including ‘art@radio’, 2002 USA, Artoll Labor, 2002 DE, ‘Hothouse’ 2003 Liverpool, Hull Time Based Arts, 2003 UK, ‘ineditos 2004’, Madrid & Barcelona, ‘stance’, 2005 market gallery, Glasgow, and ‘Unsilently’, 2005 CAC, North Adams, USA, ‘Sonic Arts Expo 2006’, Manchester, UK, ‘Klang-Labor 06’, DE. His work has been featured on Resonance FM, and has work in several CD and Publication Releases.
Rodrigo Constanzo was born in Madrid, Spain in 1976. He then spent the next three decades living in Miami, Florida, before moving to Manchester, England where he resides today. He has performed as a solo musician or as part of various groups for the majority of his life, including at the FUTURESONIC Festival in Manchester, the SOUND Festival in Aberdeen, and the GEM DAYS Festival in Huddersfield. He is currently involved in several projects, the main ones being performing with Takahashi's Shellfish Concern, an improv based performance-art group, Deaf To Van Gogh's Ear, a minimalist, math/pop band, and If Version Linger, a pseudo-chamber, composer’s band. He also co-runs Manchester’s long standing free improv night The Noise Upstairs.

Richard Knight is a sonic/computational artist, usually performing with digital equipment. Recently he has established himself as a practitioner of the no-input mixer, a subverted device which allows analogue feedback to be harnessed in an often precise and diverse manner. The performance for EOVI will see Richard utilise two no-input mixers, in an ongoing collaboration with Rodrigo Constanzo. Other relevant projects include the electroacoustic/jazz duo, 'Pesticide Organica'; no-input techno project 'Closed Circuit' and experimental/electronica 'Underbaud'.

Aht-n formed in 2010 from members of Clutter (Shaun Blezzard), Tandog (Harry Gallimore) & Noise Research (Ian Simpson). A desire to create avant improvised Electronica (with a basic structure) and multi screen visuals led to rehearsals and recording to create what you'll see tonight. The trio have a mutual love of early krautrock and leftfield electronica (FSOL, Mouse on Mars, Cluster, Faust, Klaus Shultz et al).

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