May 03, 2011

Text Festival opening weekend

An intensely packed and exciting opening weekend in Bury and Manchester for the Text Festival - various reviews, images, recordings, videos and reports will appear in the next few weeks but here is a selection of images to start it off here. Many of my photos look like there was no-one there, mainly because I was able to take shots before everyone arrived and once they did I was often too busy to think about the camera. (above: gallery view - foreground: I TELL YOU THE TRUTH by Kate Pickering)
Ron Silliman, Tony Lopez, Me, Barney and Christian Bök .
Sarah Sanders' beautiful performance from the ring balcony

Liz Collini's great wall drawing in the Bury Transport Museum.
As an encore following the Ursonate performances, an amazing world first - Christian Bök and Jaap Blonk improvise

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