November 01, 2006

Sorry for this laziness

Since returning from Japan, I have been very lazy about updating this blog. As Sartre said you have to decide whether to tell or to do, so I have been doing - mainly the ongoing 50 Heads project. One of which is below. At present I am in Edinburgh for the Douglas Gordon shows (of which more when I have seen them without the preview crowds).


0. what it is for the "given" to be "taken"; Who I was What

was I When was it Where was I an event whose
probability is not 0. The absolute future may not be well
-defined for every inability to develop its own knowledge
-intensive growth has not had immediate negative effects
on aggregate measures of prosperity. Or as fools once
said: building a new formation for common space
omitting the fundamental importance of ISBN. 0: doesn’t
bode well and compromised truth measures the lower
threshold described as ‘no more than one at or below
lower threshold.’ The absolute future of the event consists
of all events which can be causally affected by Who the
fuck cares is putting it too strongly in an equilibria
reducing complexities. Note no upper threshold definition
– normality must always be paid for, by proxy
compromising with quiescence, stupidity, criminality,
inertia, certainty. To compromise, to accept barbarous
dissolution, inevitably the worst thing that happened was
the passing of the short Age of the Counter Tenor.
Struggle against torpor, the evanescence and
disappearance of that which seems worthwhile to be
pursued, tracked, gathered, against a choice of mildnesses: 1

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