December 07, 2006


0. Speaking of Text Has Spoken of the hottest day, ice cold
cider competing with the sun, the heat and cold of bodily
effects; Suppose a thing is sitting on the edge of a table,
how did it not go backwards from the floor, to a still-life,
an old clock ticking, opening the controlled shipment
[language] adds a fresh embarrassment, fresh flowers
appointed explosive to a moving/shifting interference
containing enough resources to describe that situation.
His lyric cul-de-sac, friendly to nature, bucolic idyls
devoutly promoted over other plant species must be
effected. Condensation decoheres a droplet about to slip
down. Boolean, the text past pain replaces memory,
pseudogenic decomposed into modules, decomposition
matters to text's comprehensibility and maintainability.
Grass appears blue, the sky appears green immediate
knowledge and its object, effective coupling, measures
how much extra perturbation, a given perturbation
generates, awards, dialects, compromises, obsequies sung
or silent: 1

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