June 28, 2010

DIY7 - The Eavesdroppers’ Choir

The Text Festival partnership with the Live Art Development Agency call for participants:


A found-live-language speaking choir, based on a 3 1/2-day intensive collaborative workshop to explore techniques of gathering, creating forms with and improvising live with found language.

Who can apply?
DIY is a scheme for artists working in Live Art. However, many of the DIY projects are relevant to artists who are interested in Live Art/performance but may not have an extensive track-record of Live Art practice.

Deadline and notification
The DIY projects have an application deadline of Friday 16 July, 2010. If you would like to take part in this DIY project (or one of the others featured on the LADA website) you need to contact the DIY project leader and submit your application to them.

Each project has slightly different selection methods - most often you will be asked to submit a cv or biography and a short statement. You should check each project description carefully to work out what is required for your submission. If in doubt, email the lead artist as early as possible with a question to clarify what is required.

The lead artist will respond to your submission and let you know if you have been accepted to participate. They will usually do this within a week of the deadline. Sometimes they will request further information to help them work out if the project is right for you.

The deadline for submission is 16 July. We encourage you however to make your submission at any time leading up to the deadline.

How much does DIY cost?
Generally DIY projects are free to take part in; however, for some projects you will be asked to contribute to the cost of food and other direct expenses. Mostly you will also be asked to cover your own travel costs to and from the place where the project is taking place. Some projects provide participants for specified costs such as travel.

The artist:
Fiona Templeton
is a poet, director, performance/installation artist and teacher. She is director of the performance group, The Relationship, based in New York and London, which specialises in site-specific work, innovative language and exploring relations to the audience. Books and performances include The Medead (a performance epic), L’Ile (a citywide performance commissioned for Lille 2004), You-The City (an intimate Manhattanwide play for an audience of one), Cells of Release (an installation in an abandoned penitentiary), Delirium of Interpretations (on Camille Claudel), and Mum in Airdrie (poetry). Her current work involves Bluebeard and ventriloquism.
www.fionatempleton.org / www.therelationship.org

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