June 27, 2010


By way of excuse for my recent slim blogging, an update about things in progress:
I am now heavily occupied planning the Text Festival - pictured "The Silence of Marcel Duchamp is overrated" by Joseph Beuys which will be in one of the shows - most of the key elements will be in place in the next couple of months; though the first manifestation of the Festival, the Live Arts DIY development workshop in September will be announced tomorrow. The planning is not being made any easier because the new Con-Dem Government's impeding cuts regime is making budgeting almost impossible. It has to be said that from the information coming though local government it looks more like the complete dismantling of public services. UK cultural life itself is under threat.
I'm also simultaneously working on 2 books - The Tragedy of Althusserianism and Tesseract - plus an essay on the future of poetry and academia, and a long blog 'maximalism vs minimalism'.

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