March 12, 2011

50 Heads Revealed

I thought that this would just be a blog that pointed to Phil Davenport's review of my book of 2006 50 Heads,
which I would illustrate with an image from the installation of one of my texts at the Dubai Drawingspace (above). At the last minute, I thought of adding one of my favourite 50 Heads poems; then came the surprise. On opening the folder, I uncovered maybe another 8 'Heads' poems that I decided not to include because the structural mathematics of the whole only required 49. I had completely forgotten these existed - as my dad jokes the upside of Alzheimer's is you are always making new friends. So here is a new Head:

0. How long ago it was. Closeness is measured by how many
fluents change. The place and the placing matter little and for
clarity, for order, for certainty. When sweat can move you
through the air, stochastic on the way, the heresy lays inside
dedication to the vertical axis – instructions for measuring
some significant item symbolising pry loose separation.
Counterintuitive, a day alone through the eyes of people not
here. Their demand that maps serve as aids for accurate
travel is fairly recent, the geometry of in-between precision is
less important than connection. Like the space, is there one
thing? Renormalisation avoids these infinities, steel glass,
music of voices extended to their Hill sphere, sanitary in a
good way, sterile in a good way, implying in a good way
infinities that interchange this/that/them/there/not here.
You never lose the accent, whereas formulas that are 'true'
blanket intuition, authentic to its provenance. Rejecting nature,
the theory cannot prove its own consistency, upward,
concrete editing of the gaps in between the geometry
of scaffolding,ephemeral, celebrating construction and noise:
A plea to somewhere else plus: 1

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