June 04, 2013


Preview: Friday 7th June
Exhibition: 8th-14th June, 1-5pm
4a Piccadilly Place, Manchester

Live Performances from Naomi Kashiwagi & Sarah Sanders, plus artist talk 8th June, 2-4pm.

Things are not what they first seem... Carefully chosen artists have been invited to respond to the theme Android, originating from the Greek words 'andro' meaning man (or human) and 'eidos' meaning like or likeness. These new artworks are varied in media, and together, create an intense visual and audio experience to captivate the viewer.

The inspiration for this show comes from the cult classic Blade Runner directed by Ridley Scott (1982) and Metropolis directed by Fritz Lang (1927).

Woven into this discourse is a new work by Beth Ward The Mountain Has a Mouth (An alternative book cover illustration for Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick). Incorporating elements from the novel such as: Mars, a mountain and clouds of dust. Antony Hall has considered the life-like qualities an android would potentially lack and developed a kinetic work called Lung. Lung attempts to accurately replicate the phenomena of human breath. Daniel Fogarty has created a set of concrete sculptures that play to the language of the face, a cover, a shelter, an object looking back at you. Evi Grigoropoulou presents Semi Precious a perfect dissimulation of likeness.

Artists: Matthew Bamber, Tom Baskeyfield, Sandra Bouguerch, Margaret Cahill, Nina Chua, Julie Del’Hopital, Paul Dodgson, Pat Flynn, Daniel Fogarty, Evi Grigoropoulou, Ben Gwilliam, Antony Hall, John Hood, Ian Irvine, Laurence Lane, John Lynch, Daksha Patel, Evangelia Spiliopoulou, Beth Ward, Denis Whiteside and Jacqueline Wylie.

This exhibition was realised by Sarah Sanders, curated by Julie Del’Hopital and Ian Irvine with assistance by John Lynch.


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