June 13, 2013

Of Time And

15 June – 14 September 2013

Bury Art Museum is pleased to present Of Time And, an exhibition of new
and existing works by Evangelia Spiliopoulou.

Evangelia Spiliopoulou's work proposes new aesthetic and poetic functions for everyday objects and tools. In her series of digital Office Drawings, made with Microsoft Word Office software, she uses her knowledge and skill in classical observational drawing to create graphs and diagrams reminiscent of technical illustrations or instruction manuals. But rather than practical information, the drawings convey a sense of disorientation, like puzzles in which words and graphic elements seem to contradict conventional logic. They are maps of a mental process of free association and an intuitive response to the play of meanings suggested in words.

Her new work Thermohygrograph2, created for this exhibition, achieves a similar effect by the most economical means. It consists of two identical devices for measuring temperature and humidity in museums put side by side. The seemingly tautological gesture amplifies their practical purpose for the functions of the museum while also transforming them into an artefact on display and allowing our imagination move freely between the two.

Evangelia Spiliopoulou (b. Greece, 1981) initially studied drawing and fine art in Athens and in 2009 completed MA Fine Art at Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University

Spiliopoulou currently lives in Manchester and is represented by Bureau.
 A special launch of Evangelia’s exhibition is being held at Bury Art Museum on Saturday 15 June, 14:00-15:30. This is the perfect opportunity to meet the artist and find out more about her work. Refreshments available

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