October 08, 2015

National Poetry Day

Twitter tells me that somewhere in the world it's National Poetry Day and in the threatening context of the Conservative Party conference which thankfully ended yesterday in Manchester, I thought I'd put up a poem from my last book: The End of Poetry. It's called 'Intolleranza' after Luigi Nono's socialist opera  


Lower than vermin

… the gates are opening. Our murderers are here.

Suspended Song

Today: Conceit: will shoot us truth construct it Instruction all
Bijective the quiet fragile of this work to be silent and 
Instead the listener who is silent.
minuend individual receives
From it, fretting is overwhelmed we an idea opposed
mereologic fragility and have a collective

A new audience and a presence of nilpotent
unfolding of a silence to die in company
null conquest of the interior of musical structures taking Different forms, shining paths as revolt.
FIST. FITS. The favoured design for the future
Flow class features
I will love you from beyond the grave

… the gates are opening. Our murderers are here.

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