March 26, 2010

Back from Exeter

Back from the reading in Exeter. It was interesting to see how the theming of the poems worked as a form, though I think I probably read a little too fast this time. Thankfully, the only recording was the one I did for my own reference, so any experiments remain focused for my purposes rather than being out in the wide world. My thanks to Tony Frazer for having me down for the Uncut Poets series.

It was a pleasure to see Tony Lopez again. He gave me useful feedback on the reading and we talked about our various projects - including developing an idea which we hope will be an element of the Text Festival.

This morning we walked on the Exmouth beach, before my train back north.

I was very pleased that I decided to drop into International 3 when I returned to Manchester. It was the last day of Brass Art's exhibition, The Non-existence of the Unnamed.

The show features exquisitely simple monocrome watercolours hung on dark gray walls in near darkness and is one of the most beautiful exhibitions I have seen in a long time. I'm sorry I didnt get to see it earlier in the run as I would like to return to it.

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