March 21, 2010

Reading in Exeter

On Thursday I will be reading at the Pheonix Arts Centre in Exeter. The first part of the reading will be a ‘conversation’ with Robert Grenier, with a working title I HATE SPEECH.

On and off through a number of my publications I have been having a poetic dialogue with Bob so plan to structure the reading sequence to work through this. Obviously the first poem will be ‘First’ from 50 Heads, followed by ‘Alice & Bob’, ‘Flatness’ and ‘Arriving at the Same Place At the Same Time’ from ‘Space The Soldier Who Died For Perspective’; closing this section with a return to 50 Heads – Dialect, Translation, and Poem.
In the second half, I am interest in the contemporary implications of ICELAND. In 2006 I exhibited and published ‘Reykjavik’ in the then thriving capital. Four years on, I have not been back to Reykjavik and feeling pessimistic effects of the economic situation on Icelanders themselves, (this week’s volcanic eruption seems symbolic too) caused me to reconsider the original to write Nnot in Reykjavik for a future edition of Ekleksographia (edited by Philip Terry). So I will read from Reykjavik and new negative; then close with ‘Lassitude’ (because both me and the audience will be tired) and finally ‘Apology’:

0. pollarded. Inert with targets. Told and giving up within the week is the easy Victorian option now; generally orchestra is diminished by the demand for youthful understanding – a case fatality ratio. Ragnarök partial orders merely travel change, the most successful vertebrates that ever lived. Time for irreflexivity: iff I can be the collapsing material straight away rotations are not commutative. Drippling to the end weakly, you don’t want to think any more. Hadja wished, it can’t be hermetically sealed: false to worldly, false but this equiconsistent with heroism, without being able to prove it(,) can always be commuted to no(,) waiting for the: 1

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