April 13, 2010

Scott Thurston

I met with Scott Thurston today to discuss the possibility of setting up a Phd related to aspects of the Text Festival and Language Moment. As poets do, we exchanged our most recent books.

Scott has a nice habit when signing a book of quoting from it or pointing to an interesting section within. On returning home, I found that I have three of his books: Internal Rhyme, Momentum and Hold with these hints/pointers - I will share here:

After turning on our moment of error we'll collect it. I'm

not going to argue with you over how much is conventional

how much. Absolute fear of the scale that establishes real

measures. If you want to speak to me effectively never speak

to me directly. The overthought at night urge to retire, pride

swallowed, parade through the ventilation, the secrets turn

out to be nothing. The crowd tests offering what he invites but

withholds, enabling tension? Leave it out.

that something has

a form and is a form

beckons me one

over a bell tolling in

the distance

gives form to air to time

reassuring that

my trials are really nothing

substantial nor

serious not even missiles

shot over

borders can change that


can they?

a grey dusk benevolent

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