April 02, 2010


I've not really had time to write here recently. In addition to moving to a much nicer office in Bury and the day to day management stuff, I've been working on:

Bloom - the next exhibition, which opens in May. The idea for this came some years ago: given so many artists and curators are engaged with climate change and global warming, what would a show look like curated by a curator who has no interest in environmental issues?

5 Places - Still working on putting together the partners for this international project; Irene in Melbourne is waiting to hear whether Shanghi are going to join.

The Library of Infinity - I'm working on a proposal with Foligno museum, Italy (the town where Dante's Inferno was originally published http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foligno ) and the Library of Alexandria, Cairo, to develop international collaboration on artists' books.

The Text Festival - opening on 29 April 2011, the next festival has some new venues and, I hope, some really interesting people and projects coming together nicely. It's a huge labour. I'm open to proposals and submissions by the way - there'll be an official call for submissions soon but I can take them anytime. With the local government location, the hardest thing to sort out is the website, so it always lags behind. There should be something up in the next month.

Tesseract - progress has been slow writing this one, but the following publication with If p then q, which is now called The Tragedy of Althusserianism suddenly started going very well.

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