April 01, 2018


It's not much in the horrific circumstances of 16 Palestinians killed and more than 1400 injured yesterday, but I thought I'd republish my 2005 poem 'Israel': 

0. homotopy equates to autoimmune disorder:
to transform every figure into a Compendious Book on Guernica
by incidence and effects enshrine pernicious anemia around anthropic argument:
verb sensitive to assumption reports exogenous acts of God – operations
run their inquisition. All the texts submitted and accumulate authority
to help run their Inquisition moving a negative quantity
from one side of the equation to the other side
with changing its commutation all the same. These so irretrievable.
The overstaid fraction, so irretrievable, overstaid, auxetic, coloured by pungent ahistoricism; unsettling sonorities webbed over the other ideas report adverse events
and deterred from becoming expert witnesses no human conjecture is involved,
a physical transportation, curfewed to prove its own consistency
to a basic telomere assumption, without realising inverse geometry penetrates both ways, blood poisoning on statistics, with fanatical odds,
analogy admonition against misinterpretation, restoration and uncompensation.
With significant outside support apostasy equals the pun of impenetrability
according to looking at this dead baby.
The underachiever anomaly applies even with the Name change
where it is the last word in law: 1

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