July 06, 2018

On returning home

Family issues have required me to return to the Isle of Man, where I lived from 1966-1979. It has changed a lot but still has a geography of memory and poetry....

Ersatz Memphis

Your old school only with extensions, of stiff joints, 
Smeared and running down, draining, creaking gulls, salt grime 
sticky, blown dry, of corrosion to that pretender syndrome. 
Newness equals something quintessential like the early eighties - 
ersatz Memphis 
Of a bad idea bankrupt in poor locations, dregs. Sacrificing First 
Nation hate sanded & mouldering to resentment that corporal 
arrogance aspires only to commissioner syndrome. But linger
Nice skies and fresh air and concrete of pebbles and small stones 
cracking and damp 
With salt
   like the Latin for ‘flying buttress’ 
   Normal distribution is to American churches as vinyl
   over slate and stone is to Old haunts – 
there and gone with scaffolding in beautiful geometry with only
Spring further on.

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